Sam Gray Boulder: Kayak Limon

Sam Gray of Boulder is currently living and working in the Dominican Republic, where as a Peace Corps volunteer he is associated with a community-based ecotourism project in a remote fishing village.

The project is called Kayak Limon, and it was started by local fisherman living along the Laguna Limon, not far from the town of Los Guineos. As Sam Gray of Boulder knows, it is in an undeveloped area. The fisherman have spent most of their lives in Guineos, and have been trained by the Dominican Republic Department of the Environment to be guides, and to interpret the environment for tourists. The guides use kayaks to take tourists on four to five hour trips through the lagoon that they have known so intimately. They have also received training in paddling maneuvers and rescue techniques, and kayak tour management.

Sam Gray of Boulder says that during the tours, tourists learn about the fisherman of the lagoon and what they do. They also learn about the lagoons mangroves, and about the abundant wildlife living there, especially the bird life. Part of the tour includes a stop at a beach that backs up to the Laguna Limon, where tourists usually have the beach to themselves and get a little break from the kayak ride. Interested people may find out more about the Laguna Limon kayak tours at

Sam Gray of Boulder is a graduate of the University of Colorado, where he received two Bachelor of Arts degrees in the spring of 2013.