Sam Gray of Boulder – What Makes Laguna Limon Special?

Sam Gray Boulder, Colorado graduated from college in 2013 with degrees in economics and international affairs. He then continued to earn his certification as an English as a Second Language (ESL) teacher. He is now a member of the Peace Corps and is stationed in El Limon in the Dominican Republic. His current project involves helping the local fishermen develop an ecotourism business. Their goal is to lead regular kayaking tours around Laguna Limon, and develop their community’s economy. Laguna Limon is a special area in the Dominican Republic that is bursting with natural beauty.

A Laguna is a body of water that is cut off from a larger body of water by a reef of coral or sand. There is a system of lagoons between the Atlantic Ocean and the Cordillera Oriental, and Laguna Limon is a part of this network. In 1983, Laguna Limon was declared an Important Bird Area and a Scientific Natural Reserve. An Important Bird Area is recognized as a vital habitat for the conservation of bird populations. Laguna Limon, like other Important Bird Areas, has a significantly diverse population of bird species that need to be protected. These birds can be seen during tours of the Laguna. This area is filled with beautiful wildlife and plant life.

In 1995, the Laguna was declared a Natural Reserve. This classification demonstrates the need to conserve and protect an area due to its wildlife, flora, fauna and other special interests. This conservation helps keep Laguna Limon pristine and its flora and fauna flourishing. Laguna Limon earned even more protection in 2004 when it was declared a Wildlife Refuge. This area is a tourist attraction because it is peaceful, pristine, and bursting with wildlife. The businesses in the area are dedicated to tourism and it is one of the top destinations in the Dominican Republic.

Tourism is a major part of Laguna Limon, and El Limon’s economy because of their close proximity to Punta Cana and Bavaro. Tourists staying in either of these places are able to easily take day trips to Laguna Limon. Sam Gray of Boulder is working with local fishermen on an ecotourism project at Laguna Limon. Their mission is to present Laguna Limon, and the surrounding areas beauty to visitors in a responsible manner. These guide are locals who are able to educate tourists about traditions, mangroves, birdlife, and various human impacts on the Laguna. Sam Gray of Boulder is volunteering his time to help these fishermen promote their business, and develop their community’s economy. To read more about Laguna Limon go to


Sam Gray of Boulder – Are You Interested in Economics?

Sam Gray of Boulder earned a bachelor’s degree in economics and international affairs from University of Colorado at Boulder. He double majored in these two fields because he had a desire to learn about a country’s economy affected its citizens. He is now a member of the Peace Corps and is stationed in the Dominican Republic. He is helping the locals of El Limon build an ecotourism company. This community hopes that this ecotourism project will help fund their economy and provide jobs. Sam Gray of Boulder understands that having a knowledge of economics in entrepreneurship, business, and in understanding government policies.

The term economics refers to the wide array of factors that have an influence over the production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services in a country, state, or city. Economics students and professional economists have an understanding of how the world works. Every community, whether large or small, has an industry. Some communities have a farming industry, others a tourist industry, or a fishing industry depending on the location of the community. These industries are vital to understanding the culture of a community. If a region has a fishing industry then that will dictate their recreational activities, cuisine, and more. The culture is also impacted by the financial standing the majority of its residents. Industry and economy both determine whether a community is wealthy, or poor. It determines what types of jobs people have, and the issues its government focuses on. Economists are able to understand how government decisions and policies impact the economy, and how those impacts relate to workers.

Municipalities, cities, and states all have their own isolated economy. Each level ultimately feeds into the country’s overall economy. Students of this field learn how international trade works, and the effect of international policies on a single country’s economy. In order to understand the function of a country and international relations, an education or understanding of economics is important. Many students who choose to study economics are able to work in business, international affairs, or within the government. An economics degree is highly applicable to the real world and can be used in nearly every job setting. These students are able to analyze a policy and determine its effect on every level of the economy.  They are able to spot consequences as well as secondary effects of government and international policies. Sam Gray of Boulder uses his training in economics to help promote the economy of El Limon through ecotourism.

Sam Gray of Boulder – The Joys of Kayaking

Sam Gray Boulder is working with fisherman in El Limon to create an ecotourism project. This project involves guided kayak tours through the Laguna Limon, a Scientific Natural Reserve. El Limon is a municipality in the Dominican Republic. It is located on the Samana peninsula and sits along the Atlantic Ocean. The Dominican Republic is a great destination for people who love to be outdoors. This country offers tourists and residents alike opportunities to kayak through a beautiful sea, along a network of rivers, and a stunning Laguna.

Sea kayaking is popular in coastal areas. This sport requires a specific type of vessel that was designed for the sea. Sea kayaks are small boats that have a covered deck, and the ability to incorporate a spray deck. This style of kayak is not very maneuverable, however it does have the capability to reach higher cruising speeds; it has a larger cargo capacity, and is comfortable enough for long journeys. Sea kayaks meant for one person are generally 10 to 18 feet in length. Tandem sea kayaks can be up to 26 feet long. These kayakers can take short journeys, or long journeys. They are able to explore different parts of the ocean and visit neighboring islands. Sea Kayaking is a great sport for those who are looking for an adventure.

River kayaking is another popular type of kayaking. This sport involves exploring rivers and going over white water. Touring kayaks are ideal for this type of water. They are generally 12 to 17 feet long and have a hull specifically shaped to increase lift in rough waters. River kayaking involves paddling through canyons, and dense vegetation. This sport allows people to see inland waterways, wildlife, trees, and flowers that may not be accessible by land. River kayaking is popular all over the world and is a great tourist draw for countries such as the Dominican Republic.

Kayakers can also take their vessels out on a small water inlet, such as a Laguna. This is becoming a popular sport and tourist activity in El Limon in the Dominican Republic. The major source of income for El Limon was fishing, however the local fisherman became concerned about overexploiting the Laguna Limon. They decided to use the Laguna Limon in a different way. Instead of fishing, they began an ecotourism project. With the help of two American volunteers and United States Agency International Development (USAID), they received three kayaks and all the training they needed to start their own kayaking tour company. People are now able to kayak through the Laguna Limon, which is a Scientific Natural Reserve, and Important Bird Area, a Natural Reserve, and a Wildlife Refuge. Sam Gray of Boulder was one of those volunteers and helped bring Laguna kayaking to El Limon. To learn more about kayaking on Laguna Limon, visit

Understanding – The Peace Corps

Operated by the United States government, the Peace Corps is a volunteer program that is committed to helping people outside the United States in a variety of ways. The organization is dedicated to providing technical assistance to individuals across the world, as well as helping citizens of the United States understand the many cultures of other countries.

Volunteers with the Peace Corps serve in a wide range of capacities, including through assisting with non-profit organizations, schools, governments, non-government organizations, information technology, hunger business, the environment, agriculture, and entrepreneurs in education. After a period of 24 months, volunteers with the Peace Corps are eligible to request an extension of service with the organization.

The Peace Corps was established on March 1, 1961, through an Executive Order by President John F. Kennedy. The Executive Order that established the organization was authorized by the United States Congress on the 21st of September 1961.

Since its inception in 1961, almost 220,000 Americans have become Volunteers with the Peace Corps, serving in 140 different countries. The organization has a variety of initiatives, including the environment, eradicating malaria in Africa, education, and many others. At the time of this posts’ writing, the organization has a presence in 68 countries. Below is a list of some of the many countries that the Peace Corps operates within:

St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Jamaica, St. Lucia, the Dominican Republic, Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, and many more.

Sam Gray of Boulder currently serves in the Dominican Republic as a Peace Corps Volunteer.

Sam Gray Boulder: Kayak Limon

Sam Gray of Boulder is currently living and working in the Dominican Republic, where as a Peace Corps volunteer he is associated with a community-based ecotourism project in a remote fishing village.

The project is called Kayak Limon, and it was started by local fisherman living along the Laguna Limon, not far from the town of Los Guineos. As Sam Gray of Boulder knows, it is in an undeveloped area. The fisherman have spent most of their lives in Guineos, and have been trained by the Dominican Republic Department of the Environment to be guides, and to interpret the environment for tourists. The guides use kayaks to take tourists on four to five hour trips through the lagoon that they have known so intimately. They have also received training in paddling maneuvers and rescue techniques, and kayak tour management.

Sam Gray of Boulder says that during the tours, tourists learn about the fisherman of the lagoon and what they do. They also learn about the lagoons mangroves, and about the abundant wildlife living there, especially the bird life. Part of the tour includes a stop at a beach that backs up to the Laguna Limon, where tourists usually have the beach to themselves and get a little break from the kayak ride. Interested people may find out more about the Laguna Limon kayak tours at

Sam Gray of Boulder is a graduate of the University of Colorado, where he received two Bachelor of Arts degrees in the spring of 2013.

Sam Gray of Boulder: Achieving Success at the Professional Level

Achieving success at the professional often requires a lot more than a university-level education. Though a college education is an important and valuable thing to have, says recent CU graduate Sam Gray of Boulder, moving forward through the business world requires a commitment to hard work, networking, professionalism and innovation.

An expert on finance, investment and international affairs, Sam Gray of Boulder enters the business world prepared for what can be an intense and many times overwhelming state of competition. Setting yourself apart, as he knows, requires going above and beyond expectations at every turn; a commitment to differentiating yourself from the herd with hard work, determination and innovation.

Networking, as Sam Gray of Boulder knows, can help a young professional not only get their foot in the door, but can also provide a beneficial source of support, information and opportunity throughout that professional’s entire career. Aspiring business professionals, says Sam Gray of Boulder, need to understand the importance of establishing connections and cultivating relationships with professionals of similar ambition and interests. This network, he believes, can be your most valuable ally as you attempt to make your way up the corporate ladder.

Sam Gray of Boulder is self-driven and self-motivated, and aspires to someday become a notable and lasting business success. Now volunteering through the Peace Corps, he hopes to capitalize on the experience and his education to set himself apart from his competition, using his insight, business acumen and hands-on experiences to become an indispensable part of a company team.

Sam Gray of Boulder: Strengthening People’s English Skills

College graduate and committed professional Sam Gray of Boulder works to provide others the opportunity to succeed. A certified English-as-a-Second Language teacher, he strives to provide people the language skills and understanding they need to become more successful and influential members of the international business community.

Sam Gray of Boulder has recently earned his English Language certification, and intends on using his newfound credentials to be a positive and educational influence in people’s lives. Many in the international business community and global economy communicate using the English language, which has become one of the most widely used and necessary languages on the globe. English fluency is almost a necessity when it comes to conducting business, pursuing an education or obtaining any sort of influence in the international community, making certified professionals like Sam Gray of Boulder a necessity at schools throughout the world.

Not only is Sam Gray of Boulder a certified English-as-a-Second Language teacher, he is also a business expert and college graduate, recently earning degrees in both economics and in international affairs. Utilizing the knowledge accumulated in college, along with his recently earned English certification, Sam Gray of Boulder promises to be an effective English educator no matter where he goes, providing people the understanding and skills needed to improve avenues of opportunity and chances for success.

His newly acquired certification will allow him to make a difference at schools throughout the international community, and to be a positive force for change and development in communities around the world. Sam Gray of Boulder looks forward to taking full advantage of the opportunities that lay before him, and to make his mark in both the business and educational communities.