Sam Gray of Boulder: Achieving Success at the Professional Level

Achieving success at the professional often requires a lot more than a university-level education. Though a college education is an important and valuable thing to have, says recent CU graduate Sam Gray of Boulder, moving forward through the business world requires a commitment to hard work, networking, professionalism and innovation.

An expert on finance, investment and international affairs, Sam Gray of Boulder enters the business world prepared for what can be an intense and many times overwhelming state of competition. Setting yourself apart, as he knows, requires going above and beyond expectations at every turn; a commitment to differentiating yourself from the herd with hard work, determination and innovation.

Networking, as Sam Gray of Boulder knows, can help a young professional not only get their foot in the door, but can also provide a beneficial source of support, information and opportunity throughout that professional’s entire career. Aspiring business professionals, says Sam Gray of Boulder, need to understand the importance of establishing connections and cultivating relationships with professionals of similar ambition and interests. This network, he believes, can be your most valuable ally as you attempt to make your way up the corporate ladder.

Sam Gray of Boulder is self-driven and self-motivated, and aspires to someday become a notable and lasting business success. Now volunteering through the Peace Corps, he hopes to capitalize on the experience and his education to set himself apart from his competition, using his insight, business acumen and hands-on experiences to become an indispensable part of a company team.